Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ready for Work, Wallet, Keys, Hand-Gun

The Return of the Wild West is about to be ushered in this week or next in the state of Florida Castle Doctrine. According to the new law, any citizen of the state are now allowed to defend themselves by meeting "force with force," erasing the "duty to retreat" when they fear for their lives outside of their homes, in their cars or businesses, or on the street. This of course means, if a citizen is in fear for their life no matter where they are located in the state, they can defend themselves. Really think about this. I really do not have an opinion on gun control. But I do have an opinion of an utter lack of common sense in some people. Unfortunately, some of these people also own fire arms and worship Ted Nugent (whom I think is a bang-up Guitarist, rock on Ted).

From the same article, and this touches on my lack of common sense theme, Republican Rep. Dennis Baxley was quoted as saying "Disorder and chaos are always held in check by the law-abiding citizen."

Well yes they are when the same citizen is packing a .44 magnum and getting in touch with his spiritual "Dirty Harry."

The central purpose of this law is for the protection of the citizen. Most laws in our states state a person should use any means necessary to escape a dangerous situation, but as many victims know, especially in the case of hand guns, its kind of hard to out run a bullet.

Deceased Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Homes, once wrote, "Detached reflection cannot be determined in the presence of an uplifted knife." I agree, if someone is less then 20 paces running at me with a knife intending to do murder upon me, I am not going to stop and weight all my options, I am going to either run, or if armed drop the jackass.

In this sense, I see the purpose of the law, however, what if someone is standing across the street getting ready to wield a shiny knife against, say a steak, hot dog, or a tag sticking up out of a woman's shirt she wishes cut off. The citizen has a split second chance to make a life or death decision for that tag. Think about it. I understand and can agree with the spirit of the law, but the general way it will be implemented scares the hell out of me. Be safe, and for God's sakes please don't put a cap in Mickey's ass.

I borrowed heavily from the WashingtonPost and wanted to give credit where credit is due.


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